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Blue Grosbeak Passerina caerulea


Category E

NB This species does not appear on the current BOU lists

Native Range

North America. Breeds throughout most of the USA and winters in central America and the Greater Antilles.

British Occurence

Four records were considered in the BOURC 37th report:

adult male, Out Skerries, Shetland, 23–26 August 1970;

adult male, Highland, 10–11 March 1972;

male, Borders, 22 May 1977;

one Gloucestershire, 9 May 1986.

At the time of the review there had been no accepted records of the species occuring naturally. The species was being traded during the 1970s.

The Shetland bird occurred at a very early date for natural autumn arrival and the Highland bird had plumage characteristics that suggested a captive origin. The Borders bird however, occurred at time when several other transatlantic vagrants appeared in the country but the bird had been assumed to be an escape and no description or photographs were taken and the corpse was disposed of.

No further details could be obtained for the Glouc bird.(BOURC 37th Report)

Where to see Blue Grosbeak in captivity

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